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  1. Sheila


    Our family is new to Riga and we are looking for a coach for our 11 year old daughter to continue with figure skating. She has finished freestyle 2 level in the United States. Could someone tell me how to find a coach and which rink is closest? We live in the city center.



  2. Administrator

    Dear Sheila,

    We are sorry for late reply! We have very few places to skate Figure Skating in Riga. You can take a look to Figure Skating Clubs like Kristal Ice (Volvo Sports Centre, Jurmalas gatve 78D), Kaskads (Marupe Ice hall, Kantora iela 128, Marupe), Slidosanas studija Alma (Kurbads Ice hall, Lidlauka iela 37). If you have any questions or need additional information please call Inese Jesse, General Secretary, Latvian Skating Association +371 29197575.

    Best regards,
    Inese Jesse

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